May 2009 News

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May 2009 News - 5/1/2009 -

Recently, Conoco Phillips Savannah Lubricants Plant, Savannah, GA was awarded the prestigious Voluntary Protection Plan (VPP) OSHA Star Site award to the excitement of all management and rank and file employees explained Ms. Joanne Phillips, Events Coordinator for the upcoming celebration to honor this outstanding achievement.

To commiserate this high profile status award that is bestowed upon top qualifiers such as this Conoco Phillips site, it was determined by the committee in charge to be able to show off this VPP status to all the employees, visitors, the community and anyone remotely involved with the site was to purchase a visible monument made of precast concrete from the Century Group Inc., located in Sulphur, LA.

Understanding the signage / monument made of precast concrete would be a product that truly would last a “century,” and be ever-lasting through the many weather seasons it would have to endure.

Again Ms. Phillips lamented how extraordinary and even to the point of how precast concrete not only has styling and perfect lines, but how beautiful and colorful it adds to the occasion of a celebration and as a long lasting monument to be on display forever. For more information on Century Group Inc.'s precast concrete signs, contact Century at 1-800-527-5232, Ext. 165 or email

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