Industry News

Industry News
4/9/2018 Century Group Inc. Supplies Concrete Sign Panel for Residential Development
3/19/2018 Century Group Inc. Provides Precast Concrete Closed Riser Stair Treads For Elevated Parking Garage.
3/5/2018 Century Group Inc. Provides Railcar Spill Containment for Food Ingredient Facility
1/30/2018 Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Utility Markers For Natural Gas Pipeline
1/21/2018 Century Group Provides Custom Concrete Grade Crossing Panels For Light Rail Transit Authority
1/14/2018 Century Group Provides Precast Concrete Security Bollards For Law Enforcement Center
12/11/2017Century Group Manufactures Concrete FAA Utility Markers for Aviation Facility
11/10/2017Century Manufactures Precast Concrete Stair Treads for Commercial Office Development
10/16/2017Century Group Precast Concrete Pipeline Sleepers & Century Group Attends Railway Interchange 2017 trade show
8/16/2017 Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Sign for Westlake Chemical and Precast Concrete Railroad Crossings for Light Rail Transit
7/5/2017 Century Group Provides Precast Concrete Monumental Sign and VPP OSHA Star Worksite Sign
4/20/2017 Century Group's Precast Concrete Railroad Grade Crossings manufactured in east Florida and at a global distribution facility in southeast Texas
11/4/2016 Century Group Provides Railroad Spill Containment Pans for Petro-Chemical Facility
10/18/2016Century Closed Riser Stair Treads at University Sport Facility in Louisiana.
10/12/2016Century's Precast Concrete Monumental Sign for company servicing petrochemical, commercial and industrial market.
9/22/2016 Century Provides Precast Concrete Pedestrian Grade Crossing Panels and Custom Curved Lagless Railroad Crossing Panels
9/2/2016 Century Precast Concrete Security Bollards Protecting Utility Pole at University Parking Lot
8/17/2016 Century Group Provides Railroad Spill Containment Pans for Locomotive Fueling and Maintenance Facility
8/4/2016 "The Port Campground & Docks" Precast Concrete Sign Manufactured by Century Group
7/27/2016 Century's Custom Precast Concrete Closed Riser Stair Treads at an IT Business Facility
7/18/2016 Century Curved Concrete Railroad Crossing at Port Container Facility
7/11/2016 Century's Precast Concrete Open Riser Stair Treads at Elevated Recreational Camp
7/7/2016 Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Utility Duct Markers
7/6/2016 Century HDPE Railroad Tankcar Spill Containment Pan System at Petro-Chemical Facility
6/30/2016 Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Pipe Stands
6/23/2016 Century Group Inc. exhibiting at the LCIA Lake Charles Trade Show today, Thursday, June 23, 2016.
6/20/2016 Precast Concrete Monumental Corporate Sign for National Trailer Company in Tennessee
6/15/2016 Century Group Inc. Attends 29th Annual Environmental Health and Safety Seminar
5/6/2016 Century Concrete FAA Aviation Markers for a Municipal Airport in Kentucky
3/31/2016 Century's Precast Concrete Step and Handrail at a Conventional Home
3/15/2016 Century Group Supplies Concrete Railroad Pedestrian Crossing For Recreational Facility
2/25/2016 Century's Precast Concrete Pipeline Weights for a Natural Gas Pipeline Project
2/17/2016 Century Group Provides Precast Concrete Stair Treads for Apartment Complex
2/3/2016 Century Group Provides Railroad Spill Containment Pans for a Shortline Railroad
1/21/2016 Century Group Provides Precast Concrete Security Barriers to Protect Pipeline Infrastructure
1/19/2016 Century Manufactures Precast Concrete Memorial Plaque Stand
12/3/2015 Century Group Provides Precast Concrete Security Bollards for Public Auditorium Facility
11/17/2015Century’s galvanized metal railcar spill containment pans at a Class I Railroad Maintenance / Fueling Facility
11/5/2015 Century's Precast Concrete Stair Treads at entrance to Petrochemical office complex
10/13/2015Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Utility Markers for Municipality
9/9/2015 Century Group Provides Corporate Sign for Commercial Real Estate Company
8/6/2015 Precast Concrete Wharf and Pier Panels in South Louisiana Manufactured by Century Group
8/4/2015 OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Certificate Awarded to Century Group
7/6/2015 Precast Concrete Pipeline Weights for Natural Gas Pipeline Manufactured by Century Group
6/25/2015 Monumental Precast Concrete Signs Delivered by Century Group Inc.
6/23/2015 Century Group manufactures Custom Vehicular Grade Crossing Panels in Wisconsin, Railcar Spill Containment Pans for Chemical Distribution Facility and Precast Concrete OSHA VPP Sign for Industrial Facility
4/10/2015 Precast Concrete Utility Markers for Water Line Right-of-Way
3/30/2015 Precast Concrete Steps Provided for Man Camp in Southwest Louisiana by Century Group
2/18/2015 Century Group provides Precast Concrete Ditch Shields for gas pipeline and also delivers Precast Concrete Utility Markers to the Bahamas
2/4/2015 Century Group delivers custom manufactured Crossings to Port Facility and Spill Containment Pans to Railroad Fueling Facility
10/30/2014Century Group Inc. manufactures Precast Concrete Sign for Residential Development, Waste Receptacles for Church, Public Park & Casino Gaming Facility
9/25/2014 Century Group Inc. custom manufactured panels for a turnout application at a petro chemical plant in the northeast. Also, Century Group supplied its railcar spill containment pans to a new facility in Blair, Nebraska.
9/11/2014 Century Group Inc. manufactured precast concrete security barriers for a petro chemical facility. Also, Century Delivers Concrete OSHA VPP Sign to Nelson Entergy Station in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
8/7/2014 Century Group Provides Precast Concrete Pipe Weights and Manufactures Containment Basin
7/28/2014 Century Group Precast Concrete Monumental Benches and Sign Manufactured
05/23/2012Century Group, Inc. Provides Precast Concrete Signs for Municipal Golf Course
11/04/2010EPA's Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Compliance Deadline
10/26/2010Century Group Attends House-Hasson Event
10/20/2010Precast Concrete Golf Tee Markers Provided By Century Group for Resort Golf Course
10/14/2010Century Group Provides Custom Concrete Stair Treads For North Carolina Country Club
10/05/2010Century Group Completes Custom Concrete Turnout Grade Crossing
09/30/2010Century Group Manufactures a Precast Concrete Sign for George St. Park, City of Riviera Beach, Florida
09/27/2010Century Group Inc. Innovative Railroad Spill Collection Systems
09/14/2010Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Railroad Milepost Markers
08/30/2010Century Group Closed Riser Stair Treads Installed at University Housing Complex
08/19/2010Century Group Provides Railroad Spill Collection Pans to Renewable Energy Holding Facility
08/17/2010Century Group Manufactures Concrete Pedestrian Crossing Panels
07/28/2010Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Sign for the Devall Group in Sulphur, Louisiana
7/6/2010 Precast Concrete Park Sign for the City of Port Neches, Texas delivered and manufactured by Century Group
06/03/2010Century Group Provides HDPE Spill Containment Pans for Shortline Railroad
04/06/2010Century Group Manufactures Park Sign for City of Port Neches, Texas
03/18/2010Century Group Provides Concrete Stair Treads for New Apartment Complex
03/08/2010Century Group Delivers Concrete OSHA VPP Sign to Calcasieu Nelson Entergy Station in Sulphur, Louisiana
03/03/2010Century Group Participates in 2010 Handy Hardware “Spring Market”
02/26/2010Century Group Participates in McCoy’s Building Supply Show
02/23/2010Century Group Attends House-Hasson Hardware Company Show
02/08/2010Century Group Delivers CCA Louisiana Precast Concrete Sign
02/02/2010Century Group Attends Sutherland’s Lumber Company College of Knowledge Expo
01/28/2010Century Group Designs Precast Concrete Sign for Church Campus
12/18/2009Century Group Inc. attended the 2009 CANECT, Canadian Environmental Conference & Tradeshow
12/10/2009May 28, 2009 Century Group Attends Southern Region Highway/Rail Safety Conference
 May 28, 2009 – Sulphur, LA - Century Group attended the 2009 Southern Region Highway/Rail Safety Conference held in Tunica, Mississippi.
12/4/2009 Century Group Attends 2009 International Liquid Terminals Association Conference
 Century Group Inc. participated in the 2009 International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference
12/01/2009Century Group Manufactures Precast Concrete Closed Riser Stair Treads
 Century Group Inc.completed delivery of precast concrete closed riser stair treads
11/24/2009Century Group Leads Industry in Manufacture of Precast Concrete Stair Treads
 Century Group Inc. has continued to be the industry leader in the development and manufacture of precast concrete stair treads for both residential and commercial construction projects.
11/15/2009Century Group Inc. Attends 11th Annual Railroad Environmental Conference
 November 15, 2009 – Sulphur, LA - On October 27th through 29th the 11th annual Railroad Environmental Conference was held on the campus of the University of Illinois, in Urbana.
09/23/2009Century Group Inc. Attains NPCA Certified Plant Distinction
 Century Group offers the largest selection of Precast Concrete Steps®, Stair Treads, Railroad Grade Crossings Spill Containment Pans, Concrete Signs, Security Bollards and other Architectural and Industrial Precast Concrete products



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