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Pipeline Weights

Century Group Inc. is a leading supplier of precast concrete pipe weights utilized in stabilizing pipelines laid across tundra, wetlands, rivers, coastal estuaries, inlands and offshore water bodies. Century manufactures both bolt-on and set-on (saddle) precast concrete pipeline weights that are manufactured to insure reliable stabilization of gas, water, oil, sewer and other pipelines. With over 60 years of precast concrete manufacturing experience, the Century Group can provide the highest quality concrete pipeline weights to meet your specific project needs. The Century Group can design your pipeline weights to be used on high-density polyethylene, pvc or carbon steel pipelines.
Bolt-On Pipeline River Weights
All of Century's bolt-on and set-on (saddle) pipe weights are manufactured using 5,000 p.s.i. 28 day concrete and high tensile steel reinforcement. Century Group's precast concrete manufacturing facilities are certified by the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) ensuring that all pipeline weights manufactured are of the highest quality.
Bolt-On Concrete River Weight
To ensure the highest in durability and safety Century Group recommends the use of industry standard lifting units which are galvanized or stainless steel. Century Group also uses all stainless bolts and fittings to insure maximum strength and durability. Century Group provides protective padding and gaskets made from standard butyl rubber, neoprene or high-density polyethylene as required by the specific pipeline project requirements.
With over seven decades of precast concrete experience Century Group can assist our customers with design, project submittals and budgetary estimates. Century Group Inc. has its own steel fabrication facilities and can therefore manufacture custom pipe weight molds which fit your specific pipeline project requirements. Century Group can also provide other crucial items required on your pipeline project such as precast concrete pipe sleepers, control rooms, right-of-way markers, piers and slabs.
Set-On/Saddle Pipeline Weights
The Century set-on/saddle pipeline weights are supplied on pipeline projects where the pipe is being placed in wetlands/marsh areas, river bottoms, flood plains and areas where there is a high degree of alluvial soils. The set-on pipe weights are designed where the weight of the concrete is on the legs but also allows the pipe weight to control the buoyancy of the pipeline.
Saddle Type/Set-On Concrete Pipeline Weight
Bolt-On/River Weights
Century Group Inc. also provides custom designed precast concrete bolt-on or river weights for pipeline projects which transcend waterways such as rivers, streams, bays, lakes, commercial waterways and wetlands which have unstable bottoms/substrates. The bolt-on pipe weights can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes and are designed to allow for gasket material to be used to provide a protective layer between the pipe and the pipe weight. Century Group also uses either galvanized or stainless steel bolts and washers to ensure long term durability of the connection fittings.
Bolt-On Pipeline River Weight
Because the Century concrete bolt-on and set-on pipeline weights are precast there are no surprise cost increases due to unstable weather conditions and other jobsite interruptions and delays when attempting to build them onsite. The pipe weights are ready to install when they reach the jobsite and can be easily set using safe and approved lifting slings supplied by Century Group. If the project is time sensitive, the pipe weights can be manufactured in advance of the actual onsite startup of the project and be ready for shipment as soon as personnel and equipment is mobilized to the jobsite. Century Group has five manufacturing facilities located in the U. S. which helps minimize cost of freight to your project site.
Round Conical Bolt-On River Weights
Precast Concrete Pipe Weights
No matter how demanding or complicated your pipeline project may seem, Century Group is up to the task of furnishing quality, state-of-the-art precast concrete pipeline weights for your project.  From standard pipeline weights to those custom designed, Century Group can deliver on time.  For more information on Century precast concrete pipeline click on the link to email the Century Group Precast Products Division or call 1-800-527-5232, Ext. 165.  
Century Precast Concrete Pipe Weight on Dredge Spoil Discharge Pipe
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