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For over two decades Century Group Inc. has manufactured precast concrete signs for commercial businesses, industry, residential subdivisions, parks, schools and many other applications. Our staff can assist architects and engineers to design the most innovative and attractive signs to meet the client’s needs. Custom colors and designs along with durability make precast concrete the obvious choice when selecting the prefect sign for your project. All Century Group products are American made, manufactured at our five locations across the U. S.

Precast Concrete OSHA STAR Work Site Sign

The sign in front of corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, malls, apartments, parks, residential developments, churches, schools and governmental buildings is the first image that is projected to clients and visitors. With a Century precast concrete sign you can be assured that your sign will convey an image of class, success and permanence. Century Group Inc. regularly partners with architects, engineers, graphic designers and landscape architects to design and develop custom precast concrete signs to project the vision, image and to perfectly compliment the architectural theme of their projects.

Century Group Inc. has been involved in precast concrete manufacturing for over 60 years and provides a variety of precast concrete products across North America. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the manufacture of custom precast concrete signs, our technical design staff can assist in the development of a precast concrete sign that will enhance your project by complimenting its surroundings and project the true permanence of precast concrete.

CCA Louisiana Precast Concrete Sign

Century Group Inc. offers several standard concrete sign designs but also specializes in custom manufacturing precast concrete signs to meet the exact needs of our customers. Century’s precast concrete signs range from small pedestal entrance / exit signs to large monumental corporate signs. Century concrete sign designs vary from freestanding structures, those cast into poured-in-place foundations, to those which are set into brick walls and fences.

Precast Concrete Sign for Medical Office

Century’s Precast Concrete Monumental Sign for company servicing petrochemical, commercial and industrial market.

Century’s Precast Concrete Monumental Sign at a Public Municipal Park

Whether your sign specifications call for single or double-faced, square, rectangular, oval or multi-dimensional, Century Group Inc. is up to the task to manufacture the perfect sign to meet your project needs.

Click to Download Precast Concrete Sign Quotation Form

Monumental Precast Concrete Sign for Church Campus

One of the most important aspects of designing and manufacturing a precast concrete sign is graphics. Century Group Inc. offers great diversity when it comes to casting a broad array of text and logos into concrete signs.

Precast Concrete Sign for Recreational Water Park

Precast Industrial Manufacturing Facility Entrance Sign

If your logo / text can be transferred via computer in AutoCAD or a jpeg, Century Group Inc. can cast it into a concrete sign where it will last for decades if not centuries. Your logos, graphics and text can be cast into the concrete at different layers to project a multi-dimensional look to perfectly compliment the image and architectural style desired. Century Group Inc. offers a diverse line of materials which can be used to accentuate logos, text, and other graphics. Whether it is brushed stainless steel, brass, bronze or state-of-the-art durable polymer letters and logos, Century Group can incorporate these materials into your precast concrete sign ensuring that design, texture, geometry, and color meet your project requirements.

Precast Concrete Monument Sign for Educational Facility

Your Century precast concrete sign will be manufactured in one of our NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) certified manufacturing facilities by our highly skilled and experienced staff.

Precast Concrete Sign Plaque for Residential Subdivision Entrance

All Century concrete signs are manufactured using 4,000 p.s.i. concrete with American Grade 60 or 72 reinforcement depending upon the application and design. On some occasions fiber reinforcement is utilized when casting ultra-thin concrete structures.

Precast Concrete OSHA STAR Worksite Sign for Industrial Manufacturing Facility

All Century Quality Control Inspectors and are Supervisors are A.C.I. (American Concrete Institute) Grade Certified Technicians to insure that your precast concrete sign is manufactured using only the highest quality materials and procedures.

Manufactured of high-strength steel reinforced 4,000 p.s.i. concrete, Century’s concrete signs are resistant to the harshest of climates and virtually indestructible. With the durability of high-strength concrete the Century signs are not susceptible to vandalism which is a problem with fiberglass and lightweight metal signs. The Century concrete signs do not warp, corrode or rot. The Century concrete signs are immune to termite damage. With the use of high-quality cementious coatings the Century concrete signs do not fade, peel or chip. If ever defaced with spray paint or other substances, Century concrete signs can be easily repaired at a very low cost. Virtually maintenance free, the Century precast concrete signs are the obvious choice when making your decision regarding signage. We are very proud that our concrete signs are now certified hurricane resistant! The majority of the signs depicted on this nsite rode out Hurricane Rita in southwest Louisiana in 2005. We are proud to say that every one of the signs are virtually in the same condition as the day they were installed (Hurricane Survivor Sign Flyer) “The proof is in the pudding”, our signs held up to 140 mph. sustained wind gusts! So if you are looking for the most durable sign available the answer is a Century precast concrete sign.

Precast Concrete Church Sign

Century’s Precast Concrete Sign for Medical Office Complex

Precast Concrete Sign for Residential Subdivision Entrance

Century Group Inc. recognizes the significance of developing the right color scheme and texture of a sign. Both items make the difference in whether your sign gets noticed, demands attention, compliments the surrounding architecture and landscape and most important of all projects the image and message desired

Precast Concrete Sign for Financial Institution

Century concrete signs are cast in gray concrete along with custom colors such as buff, white and other earth tone shades.

Many of the custom concrete signs manufactured by Century Group are cast in standard gray and then coated with cementious coatings in a wide variety of colors and varying degrees of texture. Some projects call for a finish that simulates stone, brick or granite type finishes.

Century Group Inc. also incorporates form liners during manufacturing to cast fractured rib, brick patterns and other designs.

Concrete Sign for Recreational Complex

Century Group Inc. commonly works with architects, engineers, advertising executives and property owners to develop project drawings that include general design, graphics, foundation and installation procedures. Century Group specializes in manufacturing concrete sign panels that are installed with brick surroundings to match the architectural design of buildings and walls in the general vicinity.

Precast Concrete Entrance Sign for a Municipality

Century Group Inc. can price a concrete sign several different ways. If you have drawings and specifications you can click on the link to email the Century Group Precast Products Division or fax them to us at 1-800-887-2153. Once we have all the information required we can normally submit a written quotation within 3 to 5 working days.

Precast Concrete Sign for Community Golf Course

The project drawings include dimensions, general foundation plans and reinforcement details. Note dimensions for concrete sign and foundations may vary depending upon soil conditions at the sign installation site. Century Group also provides written specifications to insure the utmost quality and coordination during the manufacturing and installation process.

Concrete Entrance Sign for Residential Subdivision

If you do not have a plan or specifications but have interest in one of our standard signs on our website please submit the text and graphics required. Once we receive the information we will submit a quotation based on manufacturing one of our standard designs with your logo and/or text.

Pricing for Century concrete signs are F.O.B. jobsite unless the customer elects to provide their own transportation.

Sign for High School Sports Complex at Educational Facility

All standard precast concrete signs designed by Century Group will have written installation instructions. Many of Century’s signs are freestanding and very easy to install on a stable foundation. Some Century signs are constructed with a footing that includes block outs. When the sign is installed on a poured-in-place foundation it is anchored by grouting in the block outs which have dowel rods or reinforcement members connecting the two structures. Century signs are manufactured using engineered lifting units that have a 3:1 lifting ratio minimum. Lifting slings and units are engineered for handling the signs to ensure a safe installation.

Concrete Sign for Church

Century Group Inc. also manufactures a variety of other architectural precast concrete products that can complement or be an accessory to your Century concrete sign. The list includes fence caps, column caps, bases, a variety of precast Concrete Sign for Commercial Freight / Transportation Companycolumns, balustrades and many other precast concrete products.

Concrete Sign for Commercial Freight / Transportation Company

Precast Concrete Sign for a Commercial Real Estate Corporation

With our experience and reputation we are the obvious choice when selecting a sign for your next project. Choose a Century concrete sign that is ageless, durable, and projects the first class image that you desire. Whatever type sign your project demands Century Group will partner with your team and together we’ll create the perfect concrete sign that has durability, class and covey the message your desire.

Precast Concrete Sign for the Devall Group located in Sulphur, Louisiana

Century’s monumental precast concrete signs can enhance the appearance and blend with the architectural characteristics of churches, schools, colleges, malls, residential subdivision entrances, commercial businesses, courthouses and a wide variety of other public facilities.

Century’s Monumental Precast Concrete Sign For Port Facility

Century’s commitment is to work with architects, engineers, contractors and property managers and owners across the U. S. to assist with the design, installation and delivery of monumental precast concrete signs that meet each projects specific needs

Century’s Monumental Precast Concrete Sign Manufactured for a Restaurant Complex

Century Group Inc. crew at the Creole Nature Trail Sign dedication.
Pictures left to right:
Blake Vincent, Matt Vincent, Hunter Vincent, Heidi Vincent-Farnum, Dr. George Hardy Vincent, Johnny Bergeron and Rob Robinson

Creole Nature Trail Signs in Southwest Louisiana

Century’s Precast Concrete Restroom Sign Panels at a Community Par

Precast Concrete Sign – Communications Group

Century Precast Concrete Sign at Cemetery Entrance in southwest Louisiana

Century’s precast concrete sign panel for a residential subdivision entrance in Louisiana

Century Group Precast Concrete Sign for a Pipeline / Energy Company’s Office

Century precast concrete monumental sign for church facility in Kansas.

Century Group Inc. has manufacturing facilities across the United States. Our Oklahoma Division, located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, services the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our Alabama Division located in Greenville, Alabama services Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Our Tennessee Division, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, territory includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our North Carolina division, located in Princeton, North Carolina, territory includes South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Our Louisiana facility is located in Sulphur, Louisiana and services Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

All Century Group precast concrete products are manufactured in the United States and meet the "Buy American" specifications. Century Group Railroad Grade Crossing Panels, Railroad Spill Containment Systems, Precast Concrete Steps, Stair Treads, Signs, Security Bollards, Parking Curbs / Wheel Stops, Architectural and Industrial Precast Concrete products are available throughout the continental US and some products can be shipped worldwide.

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