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Stormwater Sediment Controls

Storm water pollution has become a major source of pollution to streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs across the U.S. One of the major problems of storm water pollution is the large amount of sediment that discharges after rainfall spreading loose sand, clay, silt and vegetation, and animal particulate into water bodies. Allowing too much storm water sediment into these water bodies degrades the quality of the water for human consumption, wildlife, and recreational use. Century Group Inc. can assist your company in being compliant with the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), state, and local storm water discharge regulations with its precast concrete storm water control structures and precast concrete sediment trench drains and catch basins. These structures are used to catch suspended solids in an efficient manner to help control storm water particulate runoff.



The precast storm water control structures are manufactured from high strength 5000 p.s.i. steel reinforced concrete. Century Group also has the ability to manufacture custom size storm water control structures to meet your specific project requirements. All Century Group products are American made, manufactured in the U.S.





Storm Water Trench Drains
Another innovative product is the Century precast concrete storm water trench drains, which are used to capture storm water sediment. The trench drains are manufactured with high strength 5000 p.s.i. steel reinforced concrete designed to meet HS 20-44 loading. With heavy duty grating, the trench drains can accept storm water in areas where vehicular traffic is prevalent. The discharge drains are located in a manner that allows for sand, silt, and other solids to be trapped. The grating can be easily set aside to remove silt and sediment.








Emergency Discharge Structures

Century Group also manufactures precast concrete emergency discharge structures, which are installed in ditches to serve as part of an Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan. These structures feature gates which can be used to control accidental spills and discharges of oils, chemicals, and other hazardous products. The Century emergency discharge structures feature a variety of workable gate structures, which are capable of stopping flows in the case of an accidental spill of oil products or other hazardous substances.



The Century Group design team can work with engineers and environmental compliance personnel affiliated with petrochemical, biofuel, manufacturing, and other commercial facilities to assist with environmental compliance and safety to the environment.





Let Century Group Inc. help you meet current storm water discharge regulations with our sediment control structures. Custom structures are also available.







Century’s Precast Concrete Emergency Discharge Structures





Century’s Concrete Environmental Emergency Discharge Structure at a Petrochemical Facility

Century Group Inc. has manufacturing facilities across the United States. Our Oklahoma Division, located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, services the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our Alabama Division located in Greenville, Alabama services Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Our Tennessee Division, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, territory includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our North Carolina division, located in Princeton, North Carolina, territory includes South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Our Louisiana facility is located in Sulphur, Louisiana and services Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

All Century Group precast concrete products are manufactured in the United States and meet the "Buy American" specifications. Century Group Railroad Grade Crossing Panels, Railroad Spill Containment Systems, Precast Concrete Steps, Stair Treads, Signs, Security Bollards, Parking Curbs / Wheel Stops, Architectural and Industrial Precast Concrete products are available throughout the continental US and some products can be shipped worldwide.

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