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Concrete Steps

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As the leading manufacturer of precast concrete steps in the U. S., Century Steps® provides the most innovative and durable concrete steps. For over six (6) decades Century Steps® has provided the highest quality precast concrete steps to provide a safe and attractive entrance to homes, businesses, temporary buildings, pre-manufactured homes and a vast array of industrial applications.

Century Concrete Step and Handrail at Residential Home

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Century Group is the industry leader in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality precast concrete steps for residential homes, commercial and industrial facilities.

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Easy Installation

Century steps are manufactured from light weight concrete making handling, delivery, and installation of your step safe, and easy. Utilizing lifting slings or fork adaptors the Century steps are easily loaded into pickup trucks or trailers. Using step handling bars or a step handling dolly customers can easily pickup, and install their durable, lightweight Century step.


Century Four Tread Step with Aluminum Handrail at Home Entrance

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Century Precast Concrete Step at
Home Outdoor Deck Sitting Area

The Century concrete step riser height and tread depth meet residential building codes to insure maximum safety and Century Precast Concrete Step at Home Outdoor Deck Sitting Areaconvenience to all user groups. To enhance the Century step, ready-to-install aluminum handrails are available for every style of step. The handrails are one piece, all welded construction allowing them to be installed by one person in minutes. These attractive and safe handrails meet most building codes, military and insurance company specifications. Being durable, simple to install, economical and versatile makes the Century step and its accessories a very attractive addition to your product line and will enhance your profitability in the future.

Century Three Tread Concrete Step
With Handrails at Home Entrance


The Century step is portable, manufactured of high strength, lightweight, steel reinforced concrete for durability and convenient installation. The one-piece construction of the Century step requires no assembling, no form-work, no labor for installation. Once the Century concrete step is installed maintenance is nonexistent for decades. Century steps are ideal in tropical and sub-tropical zones. Fungi, insects, heat, humidity, excessive precipitation or decay will not affect their permanence, performance or safety. Century steps are manufactured using special concrete admixtures which make them Century Four Tread Step With Aluminum Handrailsvery durable in areas that have frequent freeze/thaw cycles. Do not use salts or deicers on steps. Use a penetrating sealer for protection once a year.

Century Four Tread Concrete Step at
Home Front Entrance With Aluminum Handrails

Century Three Tread Concrete Step at Home Front Entrance


Century Precast Concrete Step at
Home Outdoor Deck Sitting Area

Look at our history and you’ll find that Century Steps® has pioneered most of the major advances in the precast concrete step industry. The founder of Century Steps®, Inc. invented the first precast concrete step and was the first to mass-produce them. Century Steps®, Inc. was the first company to reduce the weight of steps by using lightweight concrete. Even today the Century Group Precast Concrete StepsCentury step due to its unique design is the lightest precast concrete step on the market. Century Steps®, Inc. was the first company to design and develop step handling bars, buggies, forklift attachments and chain slings to handle steps in a safer and more efficient manner. Century Steps®, Inc. has always been the premier innovator in the concrete step industry and it is Century Step’s® commitment to the customer to strive to offer the most attractive and durable concrete steps possible.

Utilize the Step Chain Slings to unstack and lay steps down safely on the ground


Century Steps®, Inc. has continued to be the leader in the concrete step industry because of its commitment to quality. The Century step is manufactured using only the best lightweight aggregates, galvanized steel reinforcement and cement available in producing a lightweight durable concrete step. Century Century Group Precast Concrete StepsSteps®, Inc. has its own approved testing lab which allows it to continually test and monitor raw materials insuring that the quality of our product is never compromised. Century Steps®, Inc. is committed to the continual training and education of its most important asset, a skilled and knowledgeable work force. Century Steps®, Inc. manufactures its own molds and handrails in its company owned modern steel fabrication plants. This assures that each product manufactured is uniform and meets the highest standards. Quality and safety are two words Century Steps® does not take lightly and continues to make them the highest priorities.

Century Four Tread Concrete Step
With Handrails at Mobile Home

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Profitability & Marketability

Once you are acquainted with Century Steps®, you will realize the economical advantages of including a selection of Century Steps® in your inventory. Through the years, customer acceptance has been phenomenal. Customers enjoy the durability, easy handling, relatively lightweight, simple installation and attractive appearance of the Century step. These factors join to create a product which is readily marketed and will prove immediately to be a very profitable item in your business.

Century Two Tread Stoop With Handrails
at Residential Entrance


The application and markets for Century steps are limited only by the imagination of the customers, architect, engineer or dealer. Century steps are purchased for use at mobile homes, homes on piers, tool sheds, storerooms, decks, barns, above ground swimming pools, embankments, fences and many other applications. Century steps are also sold to construction, Century Group Precast Concrete Stepsindustrial and military customers for use at temporary construction offices, mobile tool trailers, warehouses, loading docks, platforms, access to below grade structures, barracks, temporary housing, etc… For more information click on the link to email the Century Group Steps® Division or call 1-800-527-5232.

Century Precast Concrete Five Tread Step at Mobile Home

Century Three Tread Concrete Step With Handrail at Home Entrance

Century Three Tread Stoop With Handrail at Home Entrance

Century Precast Concrete Step
at Commercial Ice House

Other Precast Concrete Products


Century Group Inc. has manufacturing facilities across the United States. Our Oklahoma Division, located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, services the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our Alabama Division located in Greenville, Alabama services Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Our Tennessee Division, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, territory includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our North Carolina division, located in Princeton, North Carolina, territory includes South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Our Louisiana facility is located in Sulphur, Louisiana and services Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

All Century Group precast concrete products are manufactured in the United States and meet the "Buy American" specifications. Century Group Railroad Grade Crossing Panels, Railroad Spill Containment Systems, Precast Concrete Steps, Stair Treads, Signs, Security Bollards, Parking Curbs / Wheel Stops, Architectural and Industrial Precast Concrete products are available throughout the continental US and some products can be shipped worldwide.

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