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Lagtype Crossings

Over the last several decades, Century premium 9′ lagtype concrete grade crossings have become the choice among Class I and shortline railroads, state highway departments, light rail transit, ports, inter-modal facilities, military and industrial groups

Century’s Lagtype Concrete Crossing Panels at Intermodal Port Container Facility

As a supplier, Century Group Inc. is proactive in the railroad industry by ensuring that all sales and technical field representatives have been through the Class I Railroad’s e-rail safe program, the Roadway Worker On-Track Safety program overseen by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Transportation Worker Identification Credential Program (TWIC) implemented by Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and the U. S. Coast Guard. Safety and security at jobsites is the highest priority at Century Group Inc.

Installation of Century’s Lagtype Crossing Panels

The Century premium lagtype crossing is the most widely used because of its innovative features and its ability to withstand the heavy loads and high traffic demands of today’s highways.

  • Designed to meet HS20-44 loading specifications, the Century premium lagtype grade crossing is the crossing surface of choice for our nation’s highways.
  • Built of superior strength concrete and high tensile steel reinforcement, the Century premium 9` lagtype crossing has become a standard for ports, military and mining facilities where extra heavy loads are present on a daily basis.
  • Superior in strength and design, Century premium concrete grade crossings are not subject to rotting, surface abrasion, wheel lane rutting, warping, splitting or delamination which commonly occurs with wood, rubber composite and asphalt crossing surfaces.
  • Century premium crossings are manufactured of the highest quality concrete using various state of the art admixtures which makes them resistant to freeze thaw cycles, salt damage and other contaminants.

Century Lagtype Rail Grade Crossing System at Industrial Manufacturing Facility

Safety is the number one priority at Century. With this concern in mind, the Century premium lagtype grade crossing system is manufactured with numerous features to insure safety to rail and highway traffic.

  • The Century lagtype premium crossing panels have a non-skid surface which matches existing concrete roads, bridges and sidewalks for uniform appearance and maximum skid resistance.
  • All timber screw holes and lifting units are recessed for a smooth ride and eliminates vehicular wheel impact.
  • Century premium crossings have built in tapered ends or deflector shields for protection from dragging equipment.
  • Century’s preformed elastomeric flangeway filler is available for all crossings

Century’s Concrete Lagtype Crossing Panels at Municipal Shortline Railroad Grade Crossing

The simplicity of the Century premium lagtype crossing minimizes installation time which provides savings in labor and equipment costs. The average installation time for the Century premium crossing is 36 – 45 track feet per hour depending on size/experience of installation crew.

  • Quick installations minimize closure of the crossing to railroad and vehicular traffic.
  • The Century premium crossing panels are designed to be handled with a standard rubber tired backhoe. This feature eliminates additional project costs such as the mobilization of larger pieces of equipment required for modular type grade crossings.
  • The Century premium crossing panels install on a standard track bed and structure. No extra timely or costly sub-grade preparation is necessary.

Century Concrete Lagtype Crossing Panels on Municipal Highway

In today’s ever changing railroad industry, a company must be prepared to listen to the client and be innovative to meet their different needs. With this in mind, Century developed the premium lagtype concrete grade crossing which has many unique and versatile characteristics.

  • Manufactured to fit any size rail 85# or larger.
  • Century crossings accommodate all types of rail anchors and fastening systems.
  • Century crossing panels can be removed and reinstalled independently of each other.
  • Easy, efficient and economical removal and reinstallation of panels for routine track maintenance cycles.
  • Custom surface finishes and colors are available.
  • Can be installed with or without Century elastomeric flangeway filler.
  • Custom built for turnouts, curved track, crossovers, devils strips, etc…

Century Lagtype Grade Crossing Panel System at Port Facility

Century Concrete Lagtype Grade Crossing Panels at a State DOT Highway Rail Grade Crossing

Century Group Inc. has been manufacturing the highest quality precast concrete railroad grade crossing panels for the past four decades. Highest quality manufacturing and fast delivery are the number one priority for Century Group. Century Group Inc. meets all standards of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Concrete Institute (ACI), National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), American Welding Society (AWS) and Association of American Railroads (AAR) M-1003.

Century Concrete Railroad Crossings at Rail Car Repair Facility

Century Group Inc. has manufacturing facilities across the United States. Our Oklahoma Division, located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, services the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our Alabama Division located in Greenville, Alabama services Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Our Tennessee Division, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, territory includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our North Carolina division, located in Princeton, North Carolina, territory includes South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Our Louisiana facility is located in Sulphur, Louisiana and services Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

All Century Group precast concrete products are manufactured in the United States and meet the "Buy American" specifications. Century Group Railroad Grade Crossing Panels, Railroad Spill Containment Systems, Precast Concrete Steps, Stair Treads, Signs, Security Bollards, Parking Curbs / Wheel Stops, Architectural and Industrial Precast Concrete products are available throughout the continental US and some products can be shipped worldwide.

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