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Railroad Biofuels Facility

As the leading manufacturer of secondary containment systems at railcar transloading racks, the Century HDPE Enviropans have been the system of choice for newly constructed fuel ethanol and biodiesel facilities across North America. Both ethanol and biodiesel will provide many benefits and most importantly an alternative fuel source. In the construction of alternative energy production facilities including ethanol and biodiesel, Century Group has supplied more railroad secondary containment systems than any other manufacturer. The Century Group is proud to be working partners with owners, design engineers and contractors in designing the most efficient and economical railroad spill containment system to insure that the facilities demonstrate the utmost in good environmental stewardship.

Tank Car Loading Rack at Biodiesel Facility

As a supplier, Century Group Inc. is proactive in the railroad industry by ensuring that all sales and technical field representatives have been through the Class I Railroad’s e-rail safe program, the Roadway Worker On-Track Safety program overseen by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Transportation Worker Identification Credential Program (TWIC) implemented by Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and the U. S. Coast Guard. Safety and security at jobsites is the highest priority at Century Group Inc.

Features & Benefits:
The reason that Century’s HDPE Enviropan® is the railroad spill collection product of choice is because we have the most experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing railroad spill collection systems for your biofuels manufacturing facility. With over four decades in the railroad construction industry, our experienced staff can assist engineers and contractors in the design of the railroad track structure and spill collection system to meet all environmental goals of your fuel ethanol or biodiesel manufacturing facility.

Fuel Ethanol Facility

Over the past three decades Century Group has continuously designed and developed a series of railroad spill collection systems that can overcome the rigorous environment of a dynamic track system that moves under the loads of railcars. Manufactured of durable high-density polyethylene, the Century Enviropans are a fail safe design resistant to the materials handled and containing accidental spills at your railroad transloading racks. Our field technicians take as-built field measurements, provide construction drawings, written project specifications and inspection procedures to meet today’s environmental regulations. If your facility is producing biodiesel or fuel ethanol then the Century Enviropans will be an integral part of your plan for compliance with EPA’s mandated SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure 40 CFR Part 112) regulations in your railcar loading racks.

Fuel Ethanol – Tank Car Loading Rack

If a facility is handling fuel ethanol or biodiesel at railroad tank car loading racks then the facility owner/operator will be responsible for meeting the new SPCC (Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures) regulations being mandated by the U. S. EPA. Several key elements that need to be addressed in meeting SPCC regulations CFR 112.7(h)(1) at railroad tank car loading racks are:

Railroad Tank Car Spill Containment Systems

  1. There must be a containment system to catch any accidental spills from any point from the railroad tank car. A spill collection system is required from one end of the railroad tank car to the other. The containment system must have sufficient width to catch accidental spills from the sides of the tank car which would be on the field side of the rail. The Century HDPE Enviropan® system is 12′ wide which provides sufficient width to catch such spills which may fall from the outermost sides of the railroad tank car.
  2. The secondary containment system must be sufficiently impervious.
  3. The Century HDPE Enviropans are manufactured of durable high-density polyethylene which is resistant to cracking, and/or being damaged from normal railroad tank car transloading operations.
  4. Used in chemical plants and refineries across North America, the Century HDPE Enviropans are viewed as a best management practice for catching accidental spills at railroad tank car loading racks.

Biodiesel Railroad Tankcar Loading Station

With the Century Enviropans draining to a sump or ancillary containment structure, a well written contingency plan addressing volume containment of the Enviropans, piping, sumps, other structures and flow rates can be generated demonstrating that spills can be contained by the Enviropans and ancillary structures meeting EPA’s SPCC (Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures) regulations.

Century HDPE Railroad Spill Containment Pans at Rail Car Transloading Facility

Century Group is ready to be a part of your team to insure that you get the most innovative and efficient railroad containment system at your biodiesel or fuel ethanol railroad loading racks that will be safe, maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs and most importantly meet all environmental regulations.

Ethanol Facility

Century Group Inc. has manufacturing facilities across the United States. Our Oklahoma Division, located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, services the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our Alabama Division located in Greenville, Alabama services Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Our Tennessee Division, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, territory includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our North Carolina division, located in Princeton, North Carolina, territory includes South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Our Louisiana facility is located in Sulphur, Louisiana and services Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

All Century Group precast concrete products are manufactured in the United States and meet the "Buy American" specifications. Century Group Railroad Grade Crossing Panels, Railroad Spill Containment Systems, Precast Concrete Steps, Stair Treads, Signs, Security Bollards, Parking Curbs / Wheel Stops, Architectural and Industrial Precast Concrete products are available throughout the continental US and some products can be shipped worldwide.

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